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Quality plastic-injection-molding in meadville pa

Quality Tool & Die

We have been building molds, prototypes, spare tooling and all machined parts since 1977.

Currently staffed with 20 toolmakers who have decades of experience. Serving the automotive, medical and electrical industries.

Precision Grinding

Our precision grinding department has 8 grinders capable of holding tolerances to .00005.  We grind all types of tool steels.

We also house 2 dedtru grinders for all round parts that require tight toleranced concentricity.

precision-grinding tool and die
precision grinding tool and die shop

EDM Department

With 11 edm machines all able to hold a .0002 tolerance, and hold a max size of 11” x 9”. Using both conventional and cnc equipment.

tooling edm machine

Precision Milling

Believing in keeping up with technology, our cnc mill room is highly tooled for tomorrows needs. One of our makino’s has a 5 axis trunnion for more complicated shapes. Max travel size on our makino’s is 30” x 19” holding tolerances as close as .0002.

We also use 3 trak mills for support in basic machining.

milling machine shop

Wire Department

Currently running 4 wire machines and a 24 position CNC hole popper.  Stocking all types of tool steels in a variety of heat treated specifications.  Enabling us to get a job on the machines in a moments notice, running 24 hours a day 5 days a week. Our max part size is 17.5” x 11.5” with a height of 12.5”.


Wire machine department
wire machine
wire department

Turning Centers

Running okuma lathes with live tooling and dual spindles allows us to machine holes, pockets and other basic features in a round part in 1 operation.  Our lathes feature a 3” spindle bore holding a max diameter of 14”.

These machines have the ability to hard turn to a .0002 tolerance.



Using Solidworks allows us to convert any file for any design changes or new designs.  Currently translating Pro E, Unigraphics, and AutoCAD.

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