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Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Innovation & Reliability

Using the principles of scientific injection molding, our team is able to optimize the molding process, saving both time and money, while ensuring consistent repeatability and part quality within our ISO 13485:2016 operation.

We utilize advanced injection molding machines and equipment capable of handling a wide range of plastics, from commodity grade through advanced engineering grades of materials. This versatility allows us to accommodate various project sizes and complexities, from simple components to intricate, multi-cavity molds.

Our facility utilizes both electric and hydraulic molding machines, ranging from 50 to 250 ton, in a broad range of barrel sizes for traditional injection and vertical injection molding.  Each machine is equipped with Yushin automation to optimize part handling, as well as Plastrac color feeders for repeatable color consistency.

Process Development Person Quality Tool and Die

Transfer tooling, scientific molding, and process validations

Transfer Tooling – Our team has developed a robust transfer tool program to support our customers who wish to transfer a mold to new supplier due to existing cost, delivery, or quality issues.  We spend time up front working to obtain prints, models, purchasing specifications, and mold data to prepare us for when the tool arrives.

Scientific molding – we use the principles of scientific molding, which is a data driven approach to develop, document, maintain, and troubleshoot an injection molding process.  This yields a repeatable process, minimizing shot to shot variation while maintaining consistent part quality.

Process validations – we utilize both IQ/OQ/PQ and PPAP to prove out process validations for our medical components

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