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Insert Molding & Overmolding


Overmolding is a process where we mold one type of plastic on top of another to enhance features such as grip, vibration dampening, soft touch/ergonomics, and sealing.

Cans with TPE quality tool and die
Mouthguard overmolding quality tool and die

Insert Molding

Insert molding allows us to mold plastic over a variety of different objects, including blades, rods, threaded inserts, and tubing – joining the two objects more securely than a secondary assembly operation.

Overmolded Blades quality tool and die
overmolded handles quality tool and die
Maximizing Precision

Vertical Insert Molding

While we perform insert molding in both horizontal and vertical machines, vertical molding machines provide an inherent advantage as it allows for the insert to be loaded, held in a stable position throughout the molding cycle, and unloaded from the mold.
Vertical Machine Operator quality tool and die
Brass Inserts quality tool and die

Why Choose QTD?

  • Custom molding solutions allow us to support low, medium, and high-volume applications for both overmolded and insert molded components.  
  • Exceptional part quality achieved using best-in-class machines, meticulously designed and built molds, and validated molding procedures. 
  • We utilize rigorous purchasing and receiving inspection procedures, ensuring inserts meet print before ever getting to the molding floor, therefore reducing the risk of molding issues caused by insert variation.

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