Quality Tool & Die/QTD Plastics

Mold Building & Repairs

Precision Matters

Having built molds for nearly 50 years, our team understands how much it matters.  We understand complex geometries, tight tolerances, budget restrictions, and reduced timelines – and we partner with our customers to provide comprehensive solutions for their most challenging projects.

In House Design & Development: Our molds are meticulously designed to optimize manufacturing efficiencies, reducing production costs and increasing profitability by addressing:

  • Maximum cooling
  • Correct wall thickness
  • Ideal gate size, type, and location
  • Optimal molding orientation
  • Cavity to cavity tolerancing
  • Mold longevity
  • Ease of maintenance 

From low volume prototype molds for R&D activities to high cavitation full production tooling, we can help determine the most cost-effective way to meet volume requirements.

Better Quality Control: Having the tool shop on-site allows for better quality control over the production process. Our engineers and toolmakers can closely monitor progress and make adjustments quickly if needed, ensuring our customers assets are constructed and maintained to the highest standards.

Value Adds

  • DFM Analysis
  • Dedicated project management from start to finish
  • Ability to sample, groom, and debug molds prior to shipment to our customers facilities
  • Resources for Mold Flow Simulation and 3D printing services